CMD Flash Slave Full

CMD Flash Slave Full:

The Flash tool CMD is one of the best on the market made by Flashtec. Particularly suitable for diesel and petrol vehicles and for the user easy and safe to handle. 

The CMD-Flash is a tool which allows you to have the OBD plug on the vehicle data from the control device to read and to write. The big advantage is that the control device doesn't have to be opened and no soldering is needed. All data exchange happens on the OBD connector. 

With this tool you are able to flash the most of all European and Korean OBD diesel vehicles. We distribute all products from CMD and can support you. 


  • flashing via OBD requires connection of the CMD cable to the OBD diagnostic plug
  • the car should always receive a stable 12V connection to the battery
  • this is the fastest way and most of the cars from 2000-2017 can be done this way
  • Inclusive 10 free tuning files credits (value €850,-euro)
    offer free credits only applies to the slave tools connected with our master


-VAG FRF/ODX/SGO flasher
-BOOT/Bench Interface for all supported processors ST10,C167,RENESAS,TRICORE,TC29x,MPC5777.
-BDM - MPC5xx
-Read and write crypted files only
-All accessories included for OBD, boot and bench
-High current Power supply suitable for BOOT - Bench and BDM

-One year free subscription ( value 1100CHF)

( tool is tied to one master only )

*MPC55xx BDM, positionig frames with adapters and Industrial Vehicles are not included


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