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New trasdata SLAVE Kit


- Power feeding kit with international plugs (C32GNALIM12)
- Power feeding cable with clamps (F34GN003)
- DB15 adapter for MEDC17 ECUs boot reading/programming (F32GN037-C)
- USB cable for PC/laptop connections (C32GNUSB01)
- Flat cables and strips - connecting kit to ECU board (K34NT-S1)
- Board/wires to be soldered for DELPHI 01 ECUs (DCM) (F34NTA03)
- Board/wires to be soldered for SIEMENS SIDxxx-BOSCH EDC7 ECUs (F34NTA06)
- Board/wires to be soldered for DELPHI 02 ECUs (DCI) (F34NTA09)
- Board/wires to be soldered for MOTOROLA MC68xxx (F34NTA11)
- Board/wires to be soldered for EFI ECUs with MOTOROLA MPC56X CPU (F34NTA12)
- OBDII K/CAN2.0 socket for New Trasdata (F34NTA14)
- Coloured flat cable with pigtail wires for CAN & GPT IDC26-16 operations (BOSCH MED17) (F34NT015)
- DB15 cable-adapter for CAN & GPT operations (BOSCH EDC17) (F32GN038)
- New Trasdata specific case (ABS plastic bag shaped with a specific dig for each item, K34NTVAL01)


Product accessories

New Trasdata Full Protocol Activation SLAVE1 000,00
€ 500,00


Car Tuning (stage 1)
Mercedes-Benz - Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG BLACK S
Delivered on 29-04-2017
Car Tuning (stage 2)
Mercedes-Benz - Mercedes-Benz C - W204 - 320 CDI
Delivered on 29-04-2017
Truck Tuning
Iveco - EuroTech E31 (310 PK/228 kW)
Delivered on 29-04-2017
Car Tuning (stage 1)
Mercedes-Benz - Mercedes-Benz E 420 93-95 279hp
Delivered on 29-04-2017
Agriculture tuning (stage 1)
Massey Ferguson - MASSEY FERGUSON MF 6465 131 13
Delivered on 29-04-2017
Special Tuning (Stage X)
Opel - Opel Signum 2.8 V6 Benzine 230hp
Delivered on 29-04-2017
Agriculture tuning (stage 1)
New Holland - NEW HOLLAND T7.185 6.7 TIER 4A 140
Delivered on 29-04-2017
Car Tuning (stage 1)
Ford - Ford Scorpio 2.9 195hp
Delivered on 29-04-2017
Agriculture tuning (stage 1)
Claas - CLAAS MEDION 340 6.4 245HP
Delivered on 29-04-2017
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